“Dope.. Absolutely very  professional person to work with and great guy to be friends with. Jerry’s name was heard in Mongolian music industry long before we appoached him. We always wanted to work with him since our producer Chinba’s albums first arrived in 2002, but finally got the chance to do so in 2014. We would love to come back and do many projects with him with no doubt. All the best! “

Sweetymotion – Mongolian Super Famous Girl Band

“Jerry is one of the best mixing engineers I know, because he puts his heart and soul into every single one of the songs I’ve worked together with him to produce. I always feel assured of the quality of the songs I leave in his hands. What’s more, he’s super efficient, professional and very easy to work with!”

Crystal Goh – Singer, Composer, Founder of social enterprise, Diamonds on the Street

“I had the pleasure of working with Jerry for my debut EP, “Church Without Walls”. He mixed and mastered all the tracks as well as played drums for most of them.

From pre-production to post-production, Jerry readily offered suggestions to improve the tracks. At the same time, he was careful to leave room for me to make the decisions. I’ve learnt a lot through working with Jerry and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who’s seeking quality in their post-production.”

Andy Philip – Composer, Singer

“Having worked with Jerry on many different song styles, from Acoustic to EDM, I’ve always been amazed at the size and depth of his mixes, as well as his immaculate control of dynamics and tone.”

In addition to all this, he is one of the easiest guys to work with, and I always hope to collaborate with him whenever a project comes up.”

Tim Ngoh – Composer, Arranger, Music Producer

“I’ve known Jerry for almost 25 years now and have worked with him as drummer, singer and recording engineer.

Jerry is one of those guys who is naturally gifted. He was born with great ears, but add to that – intelligence and an inquisitive mind – and you get yourself one heck of a musician and sound engineer.

So it was no surprise when he was nominated for a Grammy in 2012. (The ONLY Singapore Born Singaporean with that claim to fame.) 

Working with him is sheer pleasure because not much instruction is needed. He instinctively gets it. 

I personally refuse to work with folks who are a pain in the neck, no matter how talented. So, when someone like Jerry comes along – truly talented, humble and so easy to work with, it’s like a gift from heaven.

Jerry, here’s wishing you the best of luck in all your future endeavors, and most definitely looking forward to our next collaboration.”

Jay Soo – CEO of Moving Bits, Composer, Guitarist

“I have recorded a few gospel albums at Myx Studios owned by Jerry a few years ago. Jerry has good ears when it comes to harmonies and mixing. He has contributed a lot to my albums like the harmonic tones of the voices, drumming patterns suitable for each song and other instruments. I take great delight working with Jerry who has great patience and perseverance. Cheers”

Peter Chua – Vocalist, Composer, Music Producer

“I have worked with Jerry on many projects since 1998, and he has never failed to continue impressing and surprising me. Jerry has an exceptional ear for understanding what the client wants, and possesses the technical expertise to get exactly the sound that’s required. More importantly, he has a knack for introducing an x-factor into his works, which transforms a good track into something special and unique.”

Kevin S S Lee – Executive Producer of Fierce Rabbit Records & Vocalist/ Guitarist of Bailing out Betsy

“It is not often in life that one is fortunate to meet a sincere, creative and dedicated professional in the music recording  industry. Usually you get pretty decent sound engineers who give you a pretty decent sound, but honestly, Jerry just goes that extra mile. He will tweak, he will bring out frequencies, he will make creative suggestions, and then he will give you The Sound. Thank you Jerry, it is always a pleasure to work and chat with you.

Cheers my friend and Thank you Thank You for everything.”

Peter Diaz – Vocalist, Composer, Arranger, Music Producer. Guitarist of The October Cherries

“I am truly honoured to have the opportunity to work with the most excellent drummer, mixing and mastering engineer; Jerry Chua. He never fails to leave a lasting impression of professionalism and creativity on anyone he works with.”

Duke Purisima – Composer, Arranger, Bassist

“2002 was a year of a great new world for me as I released my first solo piano and solo singing album. That’s when I first worked with Jerry and was astounded by his magical sense of music. Now, my whole crew “One Music Production” is working with him. I am forever thankful and happy that I have met him and worked with him. I wish you the very best and every success you deserve because you rock!!”

Chinbat – Composer, Musician, Arranger and Vocalist (worked as Music Arranger for Aretha Franklin)

“Jerry Chua is a joy to work with and makes artists sound better than they can believe themselves.
I have had a great time working with Jerry on some projects that were recorded in my little studio (Trax Studio) and after he was done with the mixes I sent to him for Mastering the overall quality improved beyond my expectations.
When I have moved to The Netherlands I will definitely keep sending my projects to Jerry to give it that touch of excellence.
2 Thumbs up for MYX Music Studios”

Dennis J. Kool

Trax Studio

“Music production is about the great fix beyond the ability of the skilled musician! You are not doing yourself a favour if you don’t check out Jerry’s. This humble unassuming guy with the boyish face can give your serious music the sweetness and hook to twist the most discerning ears! I hear he’s the only guy south of Singapore nominated at the International Grammys in his field, yet far from that you can sit down, blend his talents to your music like a great meal in a warm surrounding. Its passionately satisfying bothering on his delicious art! He probably has been spending years and years to horn this skill- besides being a top groove master! I recall many decades back, we were in Nashville together combing the Music City of the World, long before Sporeans dared venture out! To this day i see he has not lost an iota of passion in the joys of music making without the hype, only dedication. Jerry thanks for the experience, you have come a long way and made quantum leaps to your chosen field as a a top dog mix and mastering engineer. Singapore can indeed be proud of you too!”

Thomas Leong – Guitarist, Founder of GuitarEast.

“I have had the awesome privilege to work with the talented, Grammy Nominated Sound Engineer, Jerry Chua on the recording of my debut album, A New Day. From day one Jerry had been wonderful to work with. He displayed great professionalism in each session and his warm, patient and friendly personality helped to calm my nerves in the recording process. His excellent abilities, honed by years of work on a multitude of projects have allowed Jerry to craft mixes that are unique, artistic and still have the right sound for the right song. I was impressed that Jerry was able to understand my music and produce wonderful mixes that were professional, marketable and went far beyond my expectations. 

Jerry is not only skilful and passionate in his engineering; he is also a legendary drummer who listens widely. As an excellent musician himself, he is able to provide effective musical direction, contributing creatively to the crafting and arrangements of the songs, bringing them to a higher industrial standard.  I am very honoured to have Jerry played drums on several of my songs and co-arrange one of the songs on my album.  

Jerry brings out the best in a musician and singer. He knows his stuff and makes one sound their best. He is not only brilliant and gifted at what he does, he is also one of the most generous, hardworking and kind person I know.  Everything he does is of an exceptional standard, done with care and passion of a real professional who lives and breathes his art. I highly recommend him for any audio production work!” 

Pastor Daphne June Lau

Singer, Songwriter, Musician