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Grammy Nominated

Mixing & Mastering Sound Engineer


Guess what I am doing when I am not eating or thinking of great food? I am doing Great Sound, in the Studio or Live, always exploring how to make everything Sound Better, how to Train others better…… Let’s make Perfect Sound together!

What I Do

I Live and Breath Sound

Professional Audio Mixing & Mastering

Need your song or album to sound awesome, I will make that happen.


House Of Worship Live Sound Training

If you are looking to upgrade the sound in your Venue, we would love to help train your sound volunteers to better their skills.


Sound System Consultation

Most Churches don’t know where to begin when they need a new Audio System or an Upgrade. I am a user, not a salesman, with vast experience and I would love to help, just buy me a meal, really……..

Why I Am Different

I love food. I love People. I love Music and I love Good Sound. I take my work seriously and I won’t stop till you sound the absolute best. People say I am kind and easy to work with, and that if you want good food and good sound, look for Jerry!

My Clients

I have worked on a vast amount of songs and albums of all genres; church albums, artistes like Jam Hsiao, Angela Zhang and By2, Mongolian artistes like Chinbaa, Camerton, to Grammy Nominee Arun Shenoy.

“Dope.. Absolutely very  professional person to work with and great guy to be friends with. Jerry’s name was heard in Mongolian music industry long before we appoached him. We always wanted to work with him since our producer Chinba’s albums first arrived in 2002, but finally got the chance to do so in 2014. We would love to come back and do many projects with him with no doubt. All the best! “


Mongolian Super Famous Girl Band

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