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Welcome to the home of Jerry Chua, Grammy Nominated Mixing and Mastering Engineer/Drummer.

Jerry has over 30 years of experience and has done hundreds of Albums for both Local and Internationals Artistes.

Jerry is known for his Punchy and Big Sound. Do contact us if you need your songs Mixed and Mastered Professionally.

If you have written a song and need the music to be arranged, we have links to some of the top Arrangers in the region.

If you have an album or a few songs that you need recorded, we also have partner studios who are passionate about recording your works.

Jerry also does Drum Session work. He is well known to have the Best Drum Sound around.

Professional Audio Mixing & Mastering

Need your song or album to sound awesome, I will make that happen.

House Of Worship Live Sound Training

If you are looking to upgrade the sound in your Venue, we would love to help train your sound volunteers to better their skills.

Sound System Consultation

Most Churches don’t know where to begin when they need a new Audio System or an Upgrade. I am a user, not a salesman, with vast experience and I would love to help, just buy me a meal, really……..

Over the years Jerry has worked with clients including:


Jam Hsiao (Lion Band), Angela Zhang, By2, Jolin Tsai (Taiwan), Camerton (Mongolia), Cindi Wang (Taiwan), Fann Wong, Gurmit Singh, Vocaluptuous, Cornerstone Church, Queen of Peace Church, Immaculate Heart Church, Pastor Andrew Yeo, Church of Our Savior, Church of Singapore Marine Parade, Church of Singapore Bukit Timah, Care Corner, Pastor Daphne June Lau, OMG Band, Arun Shenoy (India/Singapore), Dolly Onamade (Australia), Nigel Onamade (Australia), Tay Kewei, Beverlyn Khoo, Pastor Lim Gee Tiong (Malaysia), Pastor David Koh (Malaysia), Tanadra (USA), Chinbat (Mongolia), Haliun (Mongolia), Anemone (Mongolia), Sweetymotion (Mongolia),  Andy Philip, RiverLife Church, Dim Sum Dollies, Moving Bits, Blair’s Bunch (USA), 2D, Dennis Kool (Holland), Luke Buiski (Tasmania Australia), Peter Diaz, Bailing Out Betsy, Crystal Goh (Diamonds on the Street), Liza Foong (New Strings Ministry), Peter Chua, Bold Dorjsuren (Mongolia), Brinal Chua, Trevor Nerva and Julie Sim, Pamela Lee, Ken C, Tun Zubir Abdullah, Love Hunters, Nuradee Bros, Zoul Rock, Black Dog Bone, Alan Matthew, Clement Chow, Xiao Tong (Taiwan), Jai Wahab, Wendy Koh, Kuo Po, Jack and Rai, Marcel Heijnen (Holland), Academy Of Rock, Leandra, Art Fazil and many more……


“Jerry is one of the best mixing engineers I know, because he puts his heart and soul into every single one of the songs I’ve worked together with him to produce. I always feel assured of the quality of the songs I leave in his hands. What’s more, he’s super efficient, professional and very easy to work with!”

Crystal Goh

Singer, Composer, Founder of social enterprise, Diamonds on the Street

“I’ve known Jerry for almost 25 years now and have worked with him as drummer, singer and recording engineer.

Jerry is one of those guys who is naturally gifted. He was born with great ears, but add to that – intelligence and an inquisitive mind – and you get yourself one heck of a musician and sound engineer.

So it was no surprise when he was nominated for a Grammy in 2012. (The ONLY Singapore Born Singaporean with that claim to fame.) 

Working with him is sheer pleasure because not much instruction is needed. He instinctively gets it. 

I personally refuse to work with folks who are a pain in the neck, no matter how talented. So, when someone like Jerry comes along – truly talented, humble and so easy to work with, it’s like a gift from heaven.

Jerry, here’s wishing you the best of luck in all your future endeavors, and most definitely looking forward to our next collaboration.”

Jay Soo

CEO of Moving Bits, Composer, Guitarist

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