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Sound Training

Mixing live sound can be one of the most daunting tasks for any sound crew. With a vast experience, Jerry will customize the curriculum for your church & equip the sound crew team with the right knowledge & values so that they can better serve the church. 

What i will do for your church

If you are looking to upgrade the sound in your church, We would love to help train your sound volunteers to better their skills. To serve the church better. Our lessons are done in the comfort of your church using your equipment. Lessons are customized to your individual church needs. Give us a call and let’s explore together, how to improve your church sound.

About Our Trainer

Jerry is a Grammy Nominated Mixing and Mastering Engineer. He also won a Grammy Nomination for Drumming.
An avid musician, Jerry has been doing Music and Audio work since 1984 and has vast experience as a musician, producer and a sound engineer. Jerry’s professional experience spans both live and in the studio and he has worked with reknown Artistes such as Jam Hsiao, Jolin Tsai and Arun Shenoy. Additionally, Jerry has also worked with numerous churches, either Mixing their church albums,
Training their Sound Volunteers or helping Churches to Upgrade Sound Systems. Overall, Jerry is totally passionate about the work he does.
Furthermore, he has also been part of the Riverlife Church family as their Sound Specialist, since 2004. Jerry’s Heart is for all Churches in the world to have great sound during Worship
and at the pulpit. His desire is for the congregation to Worship God wholeheartedly without distractions from poor quality sound during service. His heart is also to impart the Spirit of Excellence when we serve in Church, to take our Service to The Lord seriously, to do our best for Him.


These are live recordings from church services that Jerry has mixed, and were taken directly from the mixer and the only post processing done was to bring up the Master Volume

Interactive & Hands On Lessons

During the lesson, you will learn a complete breakdown of a live sound production workflow. 


Why do we need this Course?

Sound is very important in Churches, the congregation comes to worship and also to listen to the Sermon, we want to make sure there is pleasant sound without any distractions so that the congregants can just concentrate on Worshipping God.

Who should attend?

All Sound Volunteers and Staff should attend. I also encourage Musicians and Singers to attend as learning about sound is useful for them, and who knows, they might want to also serve in the Sound Ministry.

Is there a limit to how many can attend the class?
There is no limit


How long is the Course?

It’s an 8 lesson Course, 2 hours each

Where will it be held?
I will teach at your church hall using your equipment
How much will it cost?

I want all churches, big and small to be able to afford this, so I charge according to church size. It starts from $300 per 2-hour lesson. Call me, we can discuss the pricing for your church.


“We were first introduced to brother Jerry during a conference and we loved his mix for that particular set which was very soothing and pleasant. It was the sweet sound that our church was looking for. Sometime later, we were privileged to join Riverlife Church as brother Jerry conducted his very first class at his home church. Brother Jerry was very meticulous during his training, making sure we understood before moving on. But it was his passion and personality that made it all the more pleasant. His lessons were never too dry and we always find ourselves learning something new each time we went. We’ve grown so much over the 8 sessions and some even ventured into “unchartered waters” such as playing with compression and modulations. It’s amazing how brother Jerry gives his all for those who share the same passion. The more he shares, the more excited he is, the more excited we are. Our team has since become more confident in handling the mixing board and more sensitive to how different instruments and voices should sound. Our team experienced a breakthrough during his training, as he helped us to listen to the different sounds within a song. It was a very exciting moment for our team because it resolved many unanswered questions we had prior to the training. Even though our equipment may be entry level, we are still able to achieve that sweet sound by making full use of what we had. Besides the technical knowledge, perhaps the most important lesson that he taught us was our attitude when it comes to serving God and serving others. We are immensely grateful for brother Jerry and all that he sowed into our church. He is, to us, a great mentor and an amazing brother. Thank you brother Jerry. God bless!”


WORD Community Church

“It was a very fun and fruitful experience going through the audio training by Jerry. Jerry has very valuable insights and knowledge both as an audio engineer, and a musician. This allows him to relate to both sides and gives wise advice on how to increase the worship experience.
I also remember Jerry taught us to have a “congregational heart”. This really resonates with me and my team, because it is important for the worship team to know that worship is not about us, but about His Church!”
Francis Goh

Youth Pastor, EN Community

“Jerry has conducted a 8-lessons training sessions with our church. We were always skeptical of engaging external trainer because the team members may not be familiar with the trainer and will be hard to attract them to stay on for so many sessions. But with Jerry’s personality and character, he engaged with our team, no matter which age group, they are in awe with his knowledge and the way he conducted the class, feels so at home, ultimately, many members managed to attend all, if not almost all the lessons throughout the 3 months, I am so proud of the team!Jerry has not only able to spur up their interest in knowing more technical stuff, he even taught us very applicable methods and techniques to achieve the best sound out of what we already have in our church, though limited, the end result is unlimited!
The team has grown so fast and incredibly strong, literally immediately even if it is still in midst of training, and right now they are confident in almost handling the equipment at 407-80%, comparing the initial of 20% with lots of doubts and uncertainty.
With Jerry’s consistent and persistent in helping Christians, as in churches, to grow in Sound Techniques, I believe he has achieved and over-delivered what he has intended. I truly and sincerely thank God for his heart and contributions…we owe you one, Bro!”
Alex Foo

Youth Mentor and Coordinator for P&W/Sound Minitry, Bethany Presbyterian Church

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